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Rayyaneh Karami
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Rayyaneh Karami is a young Iranian Bahai artist who moved to the United States about four years ago. She was born in Shiraz, Iran in November of 1978, around the time of the Iranian revolution. The Iranian revolution marked the downfall of Iran's monarchy and gave birth to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Along with a new government, a great deal of oppression and war occurred in the nation. As a result of growing up in a war torn country, Karami became very interested in social and political matters, including human rights issues, especially those focused on religious persecutions and the oppression of women and minorities. These matters are reflected in Karami's art work, which yield a very somber feeling. This mood is further reflected through the use of low-key and mostly neutral colors, by scratching away paint from the surface of a painting, through the use of written language as well dripping or throwing of paint on a painting surface. Karami is an extrovert who loves change, adventure and mystery. These qualities also have made her work more expressive. She has a strong connection to her faith -The Bahai Faith- as well as a strong interest in philosophy, both of which both have influenced her perception of the world and consequently her works’ subject matter.
Mixed media on wooden panel
12 x 12
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