By Artists, For Artists

The first instructor at Academy of Art University was the school founder, Richard S. Stephens. The Paris-trained fine artist and working commercial artist taught what he knew—fine art and the commercial arts.

The founders firmly believed that professional artists and designers are the best equipped to bring real-world problems, situations, and practical experience to the students.

Today, our instructors earn a living by the skills they teach. Their willingness to share work-related experience, insider insights, and connections to industry gives you an invaluable competitive edge in your future career.

Executive Director / School of Industrial Design

Tom Matano: Bringing Emotion to Design

For Tom Matano, being an industrial designer and educator is about more than teaching students how to create an interesting or aesthetically pleasing product. It’s about imparting his personal philosophy on design—a process he believes is emotional and collaborative at its core. Join Matano as he recounts the experiences and creative principles that molded his rewarding career as an industrial designer.

Benefits of Learning From Working Professionals

Imagine trying to learn how to fly a plane from someone who had never been in a plane. Even if they knew every part of the plane and its function, when it comes to actually putting the plane in the air, they wouldn’t know what to expect any more than you. When you’re preparing for your career, learning from instructors who have first-hand experience doing the things being taught is incredibly important. Here are some examples.

I will always be indebted to Academy of Art University. The staff was incredibly nurturing. They are so committed to realizing your potential and making sure you have a blossoming career after all this.

Alyce Tzue / Alumni and Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Film Soar

Award-Winning Faculty

Academy of Art University faculty are as dedicated to their creative practices as they are devoted to their teaching. Here is just a small sampling of our award-winning faculty.

Come Learn From Your Heroes

Academy of Art University instructors are award winning, top grossing, best-selling artists, designers, architects, scholars, problem solvers, and educators.

Executive Director / School of Game Development

David Goodwine: Building Community Through Games

David Goodwine, Executive Director for the School of Game Development, will tell you he has the greatest job in the world. He also admits that having this much fun takes hard work, a passion for games, and a love for collaborative work. “This school is like no other,” he says. “It truly is like taking your best buddies and developing something incredible for others to enjoy.” Watch the video to see more.

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