Social Media Management Certificate

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Social Media Management Certificate program at Academy of Art University prepares social media specialists via industry-based training. The Center includes a series of 6 PRO courses across the full spectrum of social media management, as well as a gateway to the industry via partnerships with industry giants in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

What Sets Us Apart

The Social Media Management Certificate program is designed to respond to rising market needs for social media specialists with an industry-approved balance of rigor and depth. Our curriculum is developed in line with the Academy’s long-standing philosophy of industry-led training on the cutting edge of technology. The entire series of 6 courses are available for financial aid and can be applied for credit toward a degree at Academy of Art University.

What We Teach

PRO/LA 320 Social Media Law & Ethics
Building on information covered in the previous Social Media courses, this course addresses the legal issues and ethical considerations of publicly presenting information and interacting with consumers online as social media is adopted by a rising number of brands and consumers. This course helps establish clear rules for social engagement, solicitation, communication, marketing, advertising and other everyday actions conducted by a variety of agents within the social web.

Choose Your Own Pace

The six courses can be taken within one semester in a 15-week period, but students can also take as few as one course per semester. Check out our Course Catalog to find both onsite and online classes that work with your schedule.

Learn Online

Our revolutionary online courses provide the same rigorous education that we offer on campus with greater flexibility. Our online programs are purpose-built to deliver art and design courses. Study on your own time, at your own pace. Combine online and on-site classes.

Navigate the Social Media World with Confidence

Our mission is to prepare professionals for a successful career in social media via industry-based training. Offered onsite and online, our series of six Professional Development courses cover social media content development, strategies, data analytics, and management to give students a strong foundation in the social media field.

Social Media Management Certificate Faculty

Social Media Management FAQs

I'm Currently Enrolled
Can current Academy students take these courses?

Yes, please contact your advisor to register for courses.

Time Commitment?
How much time will each course take per day/week?

Onsite courses are offered in the evenings on weekdays and are three (3) hours long in instruction. Online students should expect weekly modules to take approximately three (3) hours.

As an example, if you were taking four (4) courses per one semester it would be 12 hours of commitment per week to attend courses, not including the time it would take you to complete homework assignments and other prep work required for each course.

We recognize that furthering your career should not require you to sacrifice it—even temporarily—and to accommodate your work schedule you may enroll in as a few classes as your schedule permits.

Previous Knowledge?
How much do I need to know about Social Media to enroll?

The instructors adapt to a mix of students. As long as you know how to use computers, the Internet, and have a general understanding of social media, that is enough to get you started.

Why the Academy?
How is this Social Media training different from others?

Social Media Center at the Academy offers an industry-approved balance of rigor and depth across its entire series of courses. The social media management series of courses were developed in line with the Academy’s long-standing philosophy of industry-led training on the cutting edge of technology.

The entire curriculum was designed to respond to rising market needs for social media specialists.

The unique advantage of the Academy’s Social Media Center is its proximity to Silicon Valley. Positioned at the center of one of the world’s biggest hubs for technology and art, the Center’s curriculum, tools, and practices stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements in virtually every emerging industry.

Students will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from major Industry partners like Tumblr, Weebly, Fuse, Flipboard, Issuu, and more.

Job Prospects?
What are the job prospects for Social Media industry positions?

Please click here to discover job opportunities in San Francisco (or elsewhere in the United States)

According to a 2018 Hootsuite report, 77% of brands expect their use of social media to increase, but 58% are challenged with measuring effectiveness and ROI.

Social Media Manager was also listed in the top 19 Most In-Demand Digital Creative Talents for 2019.

For additional information please visit

What About Cost?
How can I finance these courses?

The Social Media Management Certificate program is available for financial aid! Contact our financial aid office for more information at or 1-800-544-2787 x 6190.

Alternatively, if you are currently employed, inquire with your employer as many companies provide tuition reimbursement/assistance for professional development courses.

Additional Questions?
For additional questions or information contact:

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