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Lori Knicely
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Materials, textures and colors inspire Lori Knicely. She has worked as a stone sculptor, interior decorator and color consultant, home decor product developer and artisan jeweler. Knicely loves taking a wide range of materials and melding them into something new and beautiful. In her jewelry, she uses unusual stones, fossils and found objects, like antique buttons. She enjoy taking things that are interesting and have a history and transforming them into modern jewelry to wear and even hand down to the next generation. Knicely follow her intuition and creative process, using a variety of metalsmithing techniques. The end results are pieces that are unique, hand wrought, bold and elegant. Knicely graduated from Academy of Art University in 1997 and currently lives and make jewelry in the East Bay for sale nationwide. Visit or
Curved Hammered Cuff
1 5/8" at center tapering to 1 inch on each side
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Starting Bid: $75
Item S330