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Steven Stodor
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Born in Detroit, Steven Stodor moved to San Francisco in 2002. He has shown works throughout the city beginning in April 2004. Working in glitter on canvas since 1998, Stodor began working abstractly in oils while attending Academy of Art University, where he received his BFA in 2013. "My current focus and body of work is a collection of mixed media, representational, nautical based abstractions, including nautical flags and the lines of silhouetted ships masts, lines and sheets. From a working-class family, I was raised in a resort town on Lake Michigan. Summer was an active season that brought people and work to my world. An area that welcomed mega yachts and regattas, subconsciously I think that I am now emulating the world I grew up around and wanted to be part of, and not just work for. That youthful experience mixed with San Francisco’s urban bay living is where I have found a visual home of a gritty, weathered nautical representation. Water and life on the water have always been a natural part of my environment, and elemental source of self. While choosing to create apparently ‘simple’ compositions, I consistently reduce and add materials, paint, imagery, and process to each piece, while not allowing myself to become fixated on one specific idea, but rather attempt to stay open to the organic nature that abstraction relates. I am currently seeking commercial gallery representation."
Mixed media on canvas
20 x 20 x 1.5
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