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Campus Housing


How do I apply for housing
What is the Housing License Agreement?
How long is my Housing License Agreement?
I signed a Housing License Agreement for the Academic Year and will move-in in the Fall; can I move off campus for the Spring semester?
Does my health insurance have to cover my medical needs in California or do I just simply need insurance?
I just found out that I am assigned to Bed Space A. What does this mean? Are the desks assigned as well?
How can I change my room assignment?
Does rent need to be paid before I move-in?
How can I make a rent payment?
I am using financial aid to pay for my campus housing, but I have been informed that the aid will not be dispersed until a few weeks after school begins. Can I still move into campus housing?
If I am eligible for a housing refund, when will it be ready?
What happens if I cancel my housing?


What is the address we can ship packages to if we are moving in from out of state?
Will I need my student ID card before I move into my residential building?
When I move into my residential building on move-in day, will there be handcarts or furniture dollies available?
What types of security measures are taken to protect students at night?
Who will be notified in case of an emergency?
Can I bring a vehicle to campus?
What size bed will I have?
Can I have my own room?
Can I bring my own furniture?
Do the on-campus housing buildings allow pets?
What is the alcohol/smoking policy?
Do you offer housing to students with a family?
Can I live in campus housing with someone who is not a student of Academy of Art University (i.e. children, relatives, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, etc.)?


Who accepts my packages?
Is my room cable ready?
Something in my room isn't working properly; who should I ask to fix it?
What do I do if my roommate and I are not getting along?
Can I stay in the residence halls between semesters?
I won't be staying in my room over the break, but do I have to move-out?


How do I select which meal plan is right for me?
What can I do if my Knight Kash isn’t working?
I have classes during Café hours; can I still get a meal?
Are vegetarian menus available?
Can I cancel my meal plan?


What should I do if I require special accommodation for a medical condition or disability?
Does Academy of Art University have a medical clinic on-campus?
Can you refer me to a doctor in the area?


Does Academy of Art University offer any off-campus housing referral resources?
I chose to live off-campus and now I am facing loss of my housing; what are my options?
If I'm planning to visit my son/daughter for the weekend; what hotels do you recommend?