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Beauty Product Developer

Beauty product development is an exciting career path for visionaries with a passion for cosmetics. Working amongst cosmetologists and chemists to develop new and innovative perfumes, lotions, makeup and hair products, they turn ideas into consumer goods and oversee their successful delivery.

What a Beauty Product Developer Does

Beauty product developers are skilled analyzers and researchers. They combine their efforts with chemists and cosmetologists in order to formulate new products in a laboratory environment. After thorough research on consumer demand and ingredients is conducted, products with selling potential are tested within salons and laboratories before being marketed for distribution.


Once a product is approved for consumer use, beauty product developers are responsible for its successful public launch. They create and deliver presentations and campaigns to effectively new items. Product developers also plan, prepare and present their new beauty creations.


This career requires advanced marketing skills. Product developers must forecast trends, anticipate consumer demand and target key audiences to ensure the production of beauty products. They must also perform Internet research and launch online marketing campaigns.

Administrative skills are essential, since beauty product developers must accurately estimate costs, output level and timing of product delivery. They perform data entry and research, and communicate extensively with manufacturers to track production activity.

Product knowledge, analytical, marketing, communication and social skills may be obtained from a graduate fashion school. Obtaining a degree from an accredited fashion school will help to prepare students for their careers.

Whether modifying existing products, catering to evolving consumer trends or developing new and innovative brands for a target market, beauty product development is an endlessly creative enterprise. Derive satisfaction from building ideas and seeing them through to production as a beauty product developer.

Start Toward Your Future as a Beauty Product Developer

Academy of Art University is renowned for the high quality work produced by students. The School of Fashion offers accredited Associates (AA), Bachelors (BFA) and Masters (MFA) degrees in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising & Marketing, Textile Design, Knitwear Design and Fashion Journalism.

Led by industry professionals, students develop their unique style and vision. Students have the opportunity to work on real-world projects for companies such as Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom and more. With classes online and in San Francisco, Academy of Art University equips aspiring fashion students for professional futures.

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