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Interview with Fang Yu Liao Nina

What was your major?

Computer Arts.

What year did you enter and graduate?

I entered in 1996 and graduated with my BA in year 2000. Then, I started my MA for one semester, but then moved to London for personal reasons and studied at Central Saint Martin.

What was your best experience and memory of the Academy of Art University?

Drinking an ice tall mocha at Starbucks Coffee shop across from the 79 New Montgomery building. I also liked watching the black AAU buses run everywhere in the city. It feels like the whole city of San Francisco is part of the college. You learn things from the large aspect of the environment, not only from the school.

What is FakeDesign and how was
it founded?

In 2000, FakeDesign Studio was set up in London. It promotes creative activities between art and design. In 2005, FakeDesign moved to Beijing and played hard there.

Have you received any awards?

I don’t like to join competitions.


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