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Academy’s Spring Show Leads to Career at Disney Interactive

Academy’s Spring Show Industry on Campus Leads to Working at Disney Interactive Having a room full of art and design industry leaders interested in your work, asking to see your portfolio and inquiring what skills and insights you could bring to their company, sounds like every graduate’s dream. For recent MFA graduate Fulya Guney, this dream was realized when she was hired by Disney Interactive as a Graphic Artist at the Academy Spring Show this past May.  
After receiving an email that Fulya, a School of Web Design & New Media graduate, had possibly won an award at the Spring Show, she was invited to attend the Academy’s Industry on Campus event to meet with creative professionals. “It was very exciting to have a chance to meet with big companies and also getting a chance to have a connection with them. At the same time, it was a great experience to get ready for future industry meetings and to learn self-marketing by meeting with over 20 industry professionals in one day,” Fulya said.

Fulya believes that Academy of Art University prepared her to know how to deal with the business side of art, which helped her land her new position. “Having professionals from the industry as instructors at Academy of Art University gives students the chance to stay in tune with the market and learn fresh techniques,” she explained.

Fulya has always been interested in art. She realized that as the internet and new media platforms started to grow, Academy’s Spring Show Industry on Campus Leads to Working at Disney Interactive they would take on various artistic paths. The MFA graduate decided that she should take her education further and get involved with this up-and-coming movement. “While searching for schools, I knew that San Francisco was located at the heart of new media and technology. So, I decided to work towards my MFA at Academy of Art University,” said Fulya.

“My works are usually a combination of traditional art materials and digital media, so I tried to reflect that while I was executing my ideas to the industry professionals. Also, I realized most of the companies are now looking for versatile designers who can actually branch out to multiple artistic paths at one time,” she said. Academy’s Spring Show Industry on Campus Leads to Working at Disney Interactive

 “Most of my instructors were influential in various ways, depending on the course subject like; Kathleen Watson, Lourdes Livingston, Colin Evoy Sebestyen,” Fulya said.  She credits Sebestyen for inspiring her thesis project through the several motion graphic classes she took with him. “He gives his students the passion to become aspiring artists and teaches them how to be good researchers,” she explained.

The Academy graduate recommends keeping up-to-date with the art industry. “Times are changing very quickly, especially in the new media field so an artist nowadays should always be aware. It’s important to learn to love what you are doing and go after it with passion,” Fulya said.


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