Academy of Art University is committed to the highest standards of achievement in art and design. From college ranking to academy awards, design awards, and other recognitions and honors, here’s a small sampling highlighting some of the recent accomplishments of our students, faculty, and alumni.

Industry Awards

Our students regularly work with industry leaders to shape the future of our world. Through these cross-departmental industry projects, students are awarded scholarships and receive recognition for their innovation. Here are some of our recent industry project winners.

Apple App Award

Students in the School of Advertising had a once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch their best mobile app designs to Apple. See which group won “Best in Show” and wowed Apple executives with their outstanding achievements in the overall development of their app.

Award Winners

Art U x Stellantis x Wildcard

The Stellantis x Wildcard project was an integrated campaign comprised of students from multiple Academy schools. These exceptional students were awarded scholarships for their seamless integrated mobility project for Stellantis brands.


Department Awards

Excellence and creativity thrive within the Academy of Art community. We aim to celebrate the talent that shines within our diverse departments and foster an environment that nurtures and encourages artistic growth. See how some of our departments celebrate the achievements of our talented students and acknowledge their accomplishments in the classroom.

Academy Achievements


Faculty Spotlight

Nicolás Villareal Breaks Guinness World Record

Nicolas Villareal, alumni and Executive Director for the School of Visual Development, broke the Guinness World Record for Most Awards Received by a Short. His short film ‘On/Off’ has received over 1,125 awards since its launch in 2020, the first short to receive over 1,000 awards in history. Learn more about our award-winning faculty.