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Jason Sperling Hired as Senior Writer for Chiat Day's Apple Account

Don't be surprised if you start to notice change in tone in new ads for iPods and iBooks. Chiat Day has hired a new writer for their account with Apple Computers, and it's none other than MFA Advertising graduate Jason Sperling! Jason has accepted the position of Senior Writer with Chiat Day.

Jason Sperling is one of the Academy of Art University's many talented alumni, and this is not the first time that he's made headlines in his professional career. His previous work for Colby and Partners has included some exemplary work, including his work on the California Avocados campaign.

This is obviously the beginning of great things for Jason. We spoke to Jason about this exciting new job:

Can you give us a brief rundown of your work experience before being hired by Chiat Day?

Before Chiat, I was at Colby and Partners for five years. That's definitely where I earned my stars. Before that, I was really honing my skills at a few smaller ( much smaller) agencies in San Francisco. That experience was crucial, because at a tiny shop you can't get away with doing a merely decent job. With so few people on the payroll, your contribution is crucial.

How long have you been working at Chiat Day? What was the hiring process like?

I start next week, but I feel like I've been working towards it since I was a student. The hiring process was difficult. It took a solid portfolio, a few timely awards, and the recommendation from two people on the account just to get in the door. Once I met the creative directors, I still had to meet four more people. The entire interview process took more than three months. Every time my cell phone rang, I scrambled to see who it was.

Tell us about how you got the position working on the Apple account? What are the duties attributed to the position?

If I had to boil it down to one piece of experience, it was the "amiordinary.com" work I did for Beverly Center, a mall in LA. It was a fully integrated campaign, with Web, tons of guerilla advertising, outdoor and print. The most important thing is that I put the Web work in my book too. Not banner ads, but an entire Web site. I don't think they see that very often (even though they probably will in the near future).

What was your experience like at the Academy? Are there any classes or teachers that were especially influential on you?

Very scary place. Challenging and competitive. I knew I had to be one of the best to ensure a long career, and I was surrounded by talented people who "got it" a lot faster than I did. I remember the teachers pushed me incredibly hard (I even had my work torn off the board once and stomped on!). I remember Janet Trompeter told me my art direction sucked and that I should be a copywriter (thank you, Janet!). Michael Collins pushed me to let my imagination run wild. David Wong pushed me to think smarter, not over-think things.

What are you currently working on?

I just finished an outdoor campaign for 21st Century Auto Insurance and year two of the "amiordinary" Beverly Center campaign. Next up: Apple, Apple, Apple.

What are your goals and your plans for the future of your art, both personally and professionally?

I am about to become a father of three (my wife is pregnant with twins). I would like to push my career even further, but not at the expense of being a great parent. Once I had my first child, Hannah, I gained perspective I didn't have as a student or as a young creative.

I do what I do because I have fun and enjoy the process — but I am not saving lives, or saving the world from destruction. (If anything, I'm the reason for deforestation, with all my print ads.) I want to be there for my kids' big milestones. I want to help them with homework and tell them bedtime stories. If I'm an Executive Creative Director flying around the globe a hundred days out of the year, that won't happen. Perhaps a brand like Apple may change my mind a wee bit since they are changing the world in so many ways.


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