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Jewelry & Metal Arts Student Wins Lady Gaga Design Award

Jewelry & Metal Arts Student Wins Lady Gaga Design AwardBehind Lady Gaga’s provocative fashions — yes, even the dress made of beef — is an ad hoc circle of designers and advisors she calls the “Haus of Gaga.” Academy of Art University’s jewelry design student Orly Ruaimi ventured into this virtual haus when she was awarded third-place in the “Lady Gaga Dress for a Funeral” competition where she designed a funeral dress for the iconic pop star.

“She needs a new dress for a funeral and you are in charge of designing it,” reads the brief for the competition, sponsored by Rivalation.com, adding that the funeral is for one of Lady Gaga’s heroes, “someone that has lived a full, rich life and is being put to rest in the presence of good friends and family. … How do you balance the delicacy of a funeral with Gaga’s outrageous fashion sense?”Jewelry & Metal Arts Student Wins Lady Gaga Design Award

Orly’s solution employs her gift to make wearable fashion. Currently an MFA candidate in the Academy’s School of Fine Art, she will transfer to one of Academy of Art University’s newest programs the School of Jewelry & Metal Arts when it launches in Spring 2013. In this new program, students will specialize in creating unique objects, jewelry, prototypes for mass production and one-of-a-kind metal and jewelry pieces, just like this Lady Gaga-inspired steel-wire dress.

For her third-place entry, Orly received a cash prize and the opportunity to feature two headpieces from her ensemble entry in a London-based fashion magazine. The competition initially called for a sketch to be submitted, but because Orly’s dress was to be steel wire (difficult to convey effectively in a sketch), she fabricated the entire ensemble for entry in the competition. The dress, two headpieces and hand scarf were formed out of steel wire and powder-coated.



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