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Namco Bandai Internship Prepares Academy of Art University Student for Working World

While some students may choose to spend their summers on a warm, sunny beach, Academy of Art University student Daeyong Oh is hard at work getting a taste of what the professional animation industry is actually like.  As a summer intern at Namco Bandai in San Jose, Daeyong is quickly expanding his knowledge of concept art in the entertainment industry.

Namco Bandai, a leading video game publishing and developer, focuses on creating sophisticated characters and unique video games.  After several rounds of interviews, Daeyong secured an internship position with this remarkable and world-renowned company.
The Academy of Art University holds an annual spring show where students can connect and interview with top executives in their field of study.
“I went to the Academy of Art University’s job fair and met Namco Bandai’s Art Director Hoang.  I showed my DVD portfolio and had a brief interview.  Before that I finished up aMutant-Z project with other AAU students. The Namco Bandai staff already knew of our project and really liked it.”
As an international student, Daeyong came to America for the purpose of expanding his artistic horizons and gaining a more in-depth knowledge of concept art.

“I wanted to use my imagination and adjust it to all kinds of entertainment works such as feature films, game development and animation,” says Daeyong.
The internship has strengthened the Academy student’s ultimate goal of learning how to create work that is perfect in concept and effectiveness.
“What surprised me about this company is that all the stages of game development are step-by-step.  Before we do something new, the producers and the art team want to test it again and again and consider it when they do it.  They didn’t let any project go in a direction where players or audiences would not like it.  It helped me to become very professional-minded.”
Internships are an integral and highly encouraged part of Academy of Art University’s curriculum.  With industry professional instructors and large number of internship opportunities available, students are given a chance to apply their newfound knowledge in a real world setting.
“Students should set goals first, pursue their goals and advertise their portfolios and themselves,” he said.  “Preparing one’s self is the most important thing.”
So while the sun block and beach balls may be pushed aside this summer, Daeyong will be fully prepared for the working world upon graduation.


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