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Two Photography Grads Named 'New and Emerging Photographers'

Photo District News (PDN) recognized School of Photography grads Corey Arnold and Lisa Wiseman in this year's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch competition. They were chosen from more than 300 nominees.

About the Winners (excerpts from PDN interviews)

Arnold is repped by Maren Levinson at Redeye Represents. He has shot commercial and editorial assignments, licensed stock images, and gets calls from galleries. Arnold says he owes his success as a photographer over the last three years to "the blogosphere." He built his Web site in 2005, "and started to post the images on the site, along with my other personal work." Next, he sent a link to fecalface.com, the popular art blog, which interviewed him about crab fishing and his adventures on whaling boats in Norway. "After that, my traffic and links grew exponentially. Suddenly I was getting phone calls and inquiries from magazines and galleries around the world, many of whom found me on fecalface." In 2006, Arnold got more exposure when the Discovery Channel came to Portland to film its popular series "Deadliest Catch."

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Lisa Wiseman decided to spend another three years getting a second bachelor of arts degree, this time in photography. Wiseman says she likes to make quiet photographs of small details and of "in-between" moments that evoke the feeling that something has just happened or is about to. "I always want to make images that cause the viewer to stop and wonder what the story was," she says. Yet Wiseman does not work with a specific narrative in mind. These days she is focusing on her fine art work, but says, "I would love to secure advertising or other commercial work that is model or fashion based that is quiet and contemplative." Her eventual goal is to have a career like Larry Sultan's or Todd Hido's. "They are both fine art photographers who have careers in which their style is parlayed effectively commercially," she says. "I would love to be known as a fine art photographer who also shot fashion, not the other way around."


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