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Sculpture Student Adam Reeder Receives National Acclaim for His Unique Work

This year has been an exciting year for Adam Reeder. He not only won 1st Place for Figurative Sculpture in the Academy’s Spring Show, but he also participated in the National Sculpture Competition and will have exhibited in the Loveland Sculpture Invitational.

Before coming to Academy of Art University, Adam Reeder was already an established professional sculptor. With ten years of experience, the MFA Fine Art: Sculpture student was looking for new ways to grow and challenge himself.

“I have been sculpting long enough to realize how little I actually know,” he commented.

He decided to attend Academy of Art University because it was the only graduate program on the West Coast that had a figurative emphasis. He was also inspired and motivated by the caliber of work coming out of the department. At the School of Fine Art: Sculpture, he found an environment that was encouraging and engaging.

“While at Academy of Art University, I have been challenged to grow in ways that I didn’t even know I was deficient,” he said.

Three Academy instructors have particularly influenced Adam: Peter Schifrin, Erik Blome and Waxin Zhang.

“Peter really helped turn my work into a clear reflection of me,” he said. “This was groundbreaking for me.”

Adam strives to create work that provides an honest look at the modern world. He is inspired by Peter Paul Rubens, Bernini, Rodin, and other artists who are a combination of classical and modernity. He sees himself as an extension of this tradition.
His Pan With His iPod is an example of this style. The work depicts the  Classical Greek figure of Pan holding a modern day music advice, an Apple iPod, rather than the traditional flute. After winning 1st Place at the Academy’s Spring Show this year, the piece was selected for the 21st National Juried Exhibit in Mableton, Georgia and also for the 2008 National Juried Competition at the Atlanta Artists Center

The sculpture received attention from a number of Apple-related blogs, which don’t typically report on art pieces! Adam, however, wasn’t surprised to see non-art people relating to his work.

 “I think art should be an honest reflection of our world,” he said. “If art does that right, it will resonate with non-art people too simply because they recognize it as part of themselves.”

Adam was also selected to compete in the National Sculpture Society’s 29th Annual National Figure Modeling Competition in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Although he did not win, he was one of 13 finalists selected to participate in this prestigious and highly selective competition.

“I was well-prepared for the competition because of the semester I worked with Erik Blome,” he noted.

Currently, Adam is working on a number of different projects and has some exciting events coming up. He was selected for 17th Annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational in Loveland, Colorado, which he will attend for its duration. He is also working on a bust of Sir William Fries the Second, a benefactor of the arts, and some pieces that will be donated and auctioned at Christie’s Auction House.

Adam encourages anyone who is seeking to become a great sculptor to attend Academy of Art University.

“As long as you are willing to keep your personal pride out of the way, keep your ears open and learn from everyone, you can achieve your dreams in this department.”


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