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Academy Alumni in July Blockbuster Movies

Spider Man: Far From Home and The Lion King are playing in theaters now in July. We are happy to share some of the Academy of Art University alumni who helped make these movies happen.

All of these alumni graduated from the School of Animation and Visual Effects.

Spider Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Following the success of Avengers: Endgame, Spider Man: Far From Home focuses on Peter Parker’s high school trip to Europe. As he embarks on this new adventure, he is confronted with the reality that the world has changed after the Endgame “Blip.”

Academy of Art University wants to congratulate the following alumni for working on this film:

  • Heidrun Tinna Haraldsdottir  – Digital Compositor, MFA, Compositor & Motion Graphics
  • Tor Andreassen – Digital Compositor, MFA, Animation and Visual Effects
  • Andrew Cunningham – Senior Matte Painter, MFA, Animation and Visual Effects
  • Amanda Pamela – Lead Compositor, BFA, Animation and Visual Effects
  • Joe Censoplano – Lead Compositing Look Development Artist, BFA, Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Meagan Green – Lighter/Compositor, MFA, Visual Effects
  • Azra Alkan – Digital Compositor, BFA, Visual Effects
  • Kyoungsoo Min – Model/Texture Artist, MFA, 3D Modeling
  • Soomin Chon – FX Artist, BFA, 3D Animation Visual Effects
  • Mauricio Valderrama – Lead Compositor, BA, VFX/ Compositing
  • Elham Sepehrjou – Visualization Artist, MFA Animation & Visual Effects, 3D Animation

The Lion King

Disney's The Lion King

A live action of the timeless 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King features a star-studded cast with stunning photorealistic computer graphics. The coming of age music drama film follows Simba’s journey from a young cub to the King of the Pride Lands. After the death of his father and his own exile, Simba returns to recoup his throne from his malicious uncle and empire.

Academy of Art University wants to congratulate the following alumni for working on this film:

  • Victor Wagner – Technical Director/Key FX Artist, BFA, Animation & Visual Effects, MFA, Animation & Visual Effects
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