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Academy Alumni in June Blockbuster Movies

Dark Phoenix, Men in Black: International, and Toy Story 4 are all coming out in theaters this month in June. We’re proud to highlight some of the Academy of Art University alumni who worked on these blockbuster movies. These alumni come from across the Academy from our Animation, Film, and Illustration schools.

Dark Phoenix

The 12th film of the X-Men Franchise focuses on the evolution of Jean Grey to Dark Phoenix. After absorbing a cosmic force during a rescue mission, she is transformed into a powerful yet dangerous entity with erratic superpowers. The X-Men family would battle not only against the rising evil force but also their friend to save the planet.

Academy of Art University wants to congratulate the following alumni for working on X-Men: Dark Phoenix:

  • Richard Enriquez – Previsualization Producer, BFA, Motion Picture Directing & Editing
  • Ambar Singh – Senior FX Artist, MFA, VFX and Animation
  • Tommy Souza – VFX Coordinator, MFA, Film Directing and Producing
  • Brandon Blevins – Compositing Supervisor, BFA, Animation and Visual Effects
  • Soomin Chon – FX Artist, BFA, 3D Animation Visual Effects

Men in Black: International

The new spin-off film in the Men in Black franchise is about two agents fighting against troublesome aliens around the world. As they continue to battle internationally, they discover that the biggest evil of them all is rising up within the organization.

Academy of Art University wants to congratulate the following alumni for working on this film:

  • Diana Grande – Cinematic Animator, MFA, Character Animation
  • Ali Tezel – Layout Technical Director, BFA, Animation

Toy Story 4

Nine years after the third movie, the new Toy Story film follows Woody and the toy gang along their adventurous road trip. Forky, a toy that Bonnie created, escapes from the trip to make sense of its identity as a toy. Woody and friends chase after Forky to show him what it is really like to be a toy nowadays.

Academy of Art University wants to congratulate the following alumni for working on this film:

  • Simon Christen – Animator, BFA
  • Cody Lyon – Animator, BFA, 3D Character Animation
  • Rosana Sullivan – Story Artist, N/A
  • Erik Smitt – Layout Artist, N/A
  • Terry Song – Animator, BFA, Animation & Visual Effects (Current Instructor)
  • Guilherme Jacinto – Animator, BFA, Animation & Visual Effects (Current Instructor)
  • Jenna Calvao – Project Coordinator, BFA, Animation & Visual Effect
  • Tom Zach – Animator, BFA, Character Animation
  • Stephen Wong – Animator, BFA, Illustration/Animation
  • Erinn Kathryn Burke – Production Office Manager, MFA, Multimedia Communications
  • Jae Hyung Kim – Animator, MFA, Animation
  • Raphael Suter – Animator, BFA, Fine Arts and Animation
  • Laura Meyer – Graphic Artist, BFA, Graphic Design
  • Brett Schulz – Animator, Animation
  • Adam Rodriguez – Animator, 3D Character Animation
  • Tomoyuki (Tomo) Harashima – Animator, MFA, Character Animation
  • Joshua Dai – Animator, Animation
  • Nicole Ridgwell – Animator, BFA, Animation
  • Axel Geddes – Film Editor, N/A
  • Cameron Miyasaki – Animator, MFA, Animation
  • Jamie Datz – Assistant Editor, BFA, Film and Television Production
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