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Academy of Art Career Services Continues to Serve Students, Alumni Online

Industry events, corporate sponsorships, and internships provide Academy of Art University students opportunities for networking and, even possibly, employment. When circumstances, such the one the world is facing today, make it impossible for these to come through, what else is there on the table?

For Academy of Art, plenty more. While in-person, face-to-face opportunities allow students to have a closer look at their future in their chosen field in art and design, other equally viable resources are also available.

Ready to Serve: Career Services

The office of Career Services welcome both students and alumni. Advising sessions are offered to discuss career objectives, practice interview skills, and discuss professional development techniques. Other support activities include reviews for cover letter and resume writing; portfolio, demo reel, and website; networking recommendations, and LinkedIn.

A minimum of one completed semester of classes is required for students to avail this service. The advising session, conducted either in-person or over the phone/Skype, must be scheduled by appointment. Email to book a session with Career Services.

Right on the Mark: Job Board

The University Job Board online is another resource provided by the Academy where employers can sign up for an account to post job opportunities daily, as well as review candidates.

The Job Board is available for free to all Academy of Art students and graduates. Students must be enrolled and have already started classes to gain access. To set up an account, students only need to email Career Services the following information:

  1. Student ID number (beginning with 0, no letters)
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Preferred Email Address

Once these have been provided, students will receive a confirmation, and the account should be set up within 48-72 hours. Do not submit multiple emails as this may cause delay in the account set-up.

Information for International Students

International students are strongly advised to first consult with International Student Services before applying to any jobs or internships. This is to ensure that they meet the required qualifications. Career Services does NOT provide information regarding OPT/CPT or visa status. Email for more information.

Industry on Campus Switches Online

In this unprecedented circumstance, most events such as presentations and portfolio reviews have been put on hold or shelved entirely. However, where possible, the Academy opens alternative avenues online.

Academy of Art’s annual Spring Show, for example, will still push through this year, albeit virtually. The individual departments are also coming up with strategies to convert portfolio reviews to online events. More details will come in the near future, but what is important today is that students are made aware of these steps being taken by the school to keep these networking opportunities available.

Students and alumni can rest assured that the Academy will provide the same level of quality standards for these services, whether in person, over the phone, or online. Sign up for access or appointment today to make the most out of these resources.

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