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Sound Design Students Partner up with Pro Sound Effects For Professional Experience

School of Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media students from Academy of Art University collaborate with Pro Sound Effects’ cloud-based sound libraries to help them learn and work with others on projects in a real-world setting.

Getting Professional Experience in School

Academy of Art provides a hands-on learning experience that mimics real-world industry work environments for all academic departments. Taught by working professionals, the curriculum provides the tools and projects necessary for students to succeed in the creative industry. 

Partnering up with Pro Sound Effects, sound design students gain access to a multitude of sounds often used in their audio post-production projects. The cloud-based software allows students to use the sound library whenever and wherever they need to complete their school work and collaboration projects. It has also made it a lot easier for sound design students to work with other departments such as Advertising, Game Development, Animation, Motion Pictures and Television.

Collaboration is key, whether in a supervised classroom setting or when students organically work on projects on their own.

Brad Hughes / School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media Director
Sound designer at work

Training Students with Real-World Projects

Depending on the department, sound design students would create a different type of sound to match the project’s tone and feel. For example, a sound that is used in a movie will be completely different when applied in an interactive video game. As students, it is important to not only be proficient in using technical tools like Pro Sound Effects, but also be flexible at solving creative problems.

Faculty find it extremely valuable to teach their students how to use the professional tools and help facilitate creative problem-solving skills through real-world collaboration projects. The school of sound design and music production students can choose to get training in music production, music scoring, and composition and sound design. 

If you’re going to work in this industry, you need to understand what sound effects libraries are and how to use them effectively — and also quickly. We tell our students, ‘professional sound designers in the industry are generating content for films, TV shows and games using this tool; and now you have the opportunity to use it for your own projects.’

Brad Hughes / School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media Director
Sound design students learning how to edit

Academy of Art University students are encouraged from day one to become masters of their tools of trade and participate in collaboration projects that provide real-world working experience. The result is students who have the necessary skills to succeed in the industry and with experience to prove their expertise.

Join Academy of Art University and start building on your music production and sound design career today! Apply now or request more information to learn more about the program.

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