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Academy of Art’s Auto Museum Presents Iconic Bullitt Mustang at SF Auto Show

Academy of Art University is proud to be part of the San Francisco Chronicle 61st Annual International Auto Show, at the Moscone Center from November 21-25. The school’s Automobile Museum will feature one of the finest examples of automotive restoration: the original Bullitt Mustang GT from the classic film, Bullitt.

History of the Bullitt Mustang

Academy of Art University’s Automobile Museum will be showcasing the iconic car driven by actor Steve McQueen in celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary. Set in San Francisco, Bullitt is known for its impressive car chase scene featuring the historic Bullitt Mustang, so it is especially fitting that this vehicle will be one of the stars of this year’s Auto Show.

The Bullitt Mustang has had quite an interesting journey since the movie came out. The car didn’t stay in the spotlight after the movie started playing in theaters. In fact, it wasn’t in the public eye at all until 2001, when it was lovingly restored and used as a family car.

The Mustang is now part of Academy of Art University Automobile Museum’s collection of classic cars.

At this year’s show, attendees stopping by the Automobile Museum’s display will have a chance to see the original 1968 Mustang GT. They’ll also see the newly released 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt. The exhibit will include a replica of the film’s 1968 Dodge Charger, as well as other classic American vehicles.

Inspiring Students in Transportation Design

Academy of Art University’s Automobile Museum is a vital part of this San Francisco art school. Students at the School of Industrial Design have the opportunity to examine finished works and learn what can be accomplished with an Industrial Design degree.

For car enthusiasts, this notable collection of expertly restored cars offers a chance to see rare, classic vehicles in all their glory.

The museum, which is open to the public for scheduled visits, was created when former president of Academy of Art University, Richard A. Stephens, decided that students should have access to an inspiring collection of restored classic vehicles.

Now, students can easily view this collection to deepen their understanding of automotive restoration.

For more information about the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum or the upcoming exhibit at the SF Auto Show, please contact Rob Fisher at or Paul Borgwardt at

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