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Innovative Partnership between Academy of Art and Lucid for Future Car Design

The Academy of Art University’s School of Industrial Design has partnered with Lucid Motors for a distinctive 90-day initiative, urging students to reimagine the future of transportation. Guided by Lucid’s elite design team, this collaboration lays the groundwork for revolutionary vehicle concepts that marry sustainability with avant-garde design.

Lucid’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge luxury vehicles aligns with the Academy’s focus on real-world design education. Success stories from the partnership include Academy alumni and faculty joining Lucid’s design team, illustrating the program’s impact on students’ careers.

Antonio Borja, the Academy’s Industrial Design Director, highlighted the program’s role in preparing students for the automotive industry’s future, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and practical problem-solving.


The initiative concludes with student presentations, judged by Lucid’s design experts, showcasing their vision in clay models and 3D prints. This collaboration not only enriches the Academy’s curriculum but also strengthens the bridge between education and industry, preparing students for meaningful careers in design.

For more information visit the Academy of Art University School of Industrial Design.

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