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Pre-College Art Experience for Spring 2021 Exhibit Goes Live

Academy of Art University is proud to present this latest collection of inspiring student work from the Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) program.

From among hundreds of submissions, this final selection of works for the PCAE Spring 2021 exhibit showcases the best output from the semester.

Created for high school students—whether freshman or senior—the PCAE program offers a one-of-a kind, tuition-free opportunity for young, artistic individuals who are eager to explore their creative passions, and are looking to hone their skills for their chosen craft.

A lot of the curiosities surrounding the so-called “art school experience” are answered in this program. Attending students are given an inside look at what goes on inside an art school, being provided with classes that teach the fundamentals to develop their technical skills.

Among the hands-on courses offered include acting, animation, architecture, cartooning, fashion, film, graphic design, illustration, writing, 3D design, and so much more. 

PCAE Spring 2021 Student Work by Vaidehi Telange.

The Full Artist Experience

At the end of every PCAE semester is an exhibition featuring submitted student works. While Academy of Art has an Open Admission policy—which means that it doesn’t require portfolio review in applying—it recognizes the importance of developing the skills to create solid portfolio pieces. Eventually, these same fundamentals will also play an important role in the students’ pursuit of their undergrad degree.  

The end-of-semester exhibitions, therefore, are a great way for the PCAE students to truly go through the entire creative process, from ideation to execution to distribution. 

“Part of what we do as artists is to showcase our work and let the world see our vision, said PCAE manager, Nattiel Arias. “The PCAE final exhibition offers the opportunity to share their work with the public and experience what it’s like to be part of an artist exhibition.”

Tuition-Free Learning

One thing that makes the Academy’s PCAE program worth looking into is the fact that it is a tuition-free offering. There are no application or registration fees either, making this a great opportunity for young creatives to really explore their interests and find out their artistic identities without the burden of cost. 

The students only need to provide for their own supplies relevant to their classes, but other than that, they can expect the Academy to take care of all registration and tuition costs. 

A Unique Proposition

Another thing that sets apart the Academy’s pre-college art program from the typical extracurricular classes offered to high school students is that it gives them actual insights as to what it’s like to attend a college class in an art school.

The PCAE program is especially designed for high school students who would like to explore art and design classes to help them in their decision-making process when getting ready to apply for college. 

Not only will they be learning the basics, but they will also be challenged to think like artists, being introduced to the concept of critiques and how they can use this to further improve their craft. Early on, they will already have a clearer picture of how an actual college degree program would feel like. 

Earn Scholarship Funds While You Learn

Academy of Art’s PCAE program does not only let high school students experience the art school life, it also offers the opportunity for them to actually live it. Through the PCAE program, the students can obtain scholarships towards their undergrad degree at the Academy. 

Every class they complete with a passing grade earns them$1,000USD towards their tuition, applicable for up to four courses, when they enroll at the Academy for college. Even if they’ve already maxed the possible scholarship contribution, however, they can still continue taking classes. 

Academy of Art University’s Pre-College Art Experience program is available all year ‘round, covering the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Classes are available on-site and online.  

Hero image by John Silvestre, AE-Game Development

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