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Schools of Brand Communications and Advertising Dominate at the Greater San Francisco Ad Club Award

In a dazzling display of creativity and talent, the Schools of Brand Communications and Advertising at ArtU have emerged as the stars of the Greater San Francisco Ad Club Awards. With an astounding 33 out of 54 wins, ArtU students have solidified their position as industry leaders, making the Academy the most awarded school of the event.

Versaviya Despars, emerged as a shining star with her integrated advertising campaign for White Barn, earning her the prestigious Best in Show title. Reflecting on her creative process, Despars stated, “I draw inspiration from the world around me. I believe the most successful advertisers deeply enjoy life beyond advertising, which in turn enriches their creative output.”

Despars also credited her professors, particularly Ross Patrick and Jamie Reilly, for shaping the direction of her campaigns. Patrick’s effective critiques and genuine passion along with Jamie’s continuous challenge to think deeper played a pivotal role in refining Despars’ projects and taking them to the professional level.

The success story extends beyond Despars, with other students showcasing their creativity and ingenuity across various categories. Hannah Whatley, another multiple award-winning student, highlighted the significance of using generative AI to enhance her work, stating, “As a student, we don’t always have the resources or budget for production, but AI allows us to bring our wild ideas to life.”

With this resounding victory, ArtU reaffirms its commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence in advertising. Congratulations to all the students who contributed to this remarkable achievement.

Here’s to more creativity, innovation, and accolades in the days ahead!

To view the award-winning work below, click the Dropbox link:

    • Versaviya Despars – White Barn integrated advertising campaign
    • Versaviya Despars – Central Park Zoo
    • Hannah Whatley – Purinapups
    • Versaviya Despars – White Barn
    • Versaviya Despars – Cup Noodles, Central Park Zoo
    • Montana Ruark – Kresge Brand Book
    • Hannah Whatley – LiveWire: Anti-Electric
    • Aaron Washington – Fantasia (video not shown)
    • Bella Finestone – Sip Happens. Be Prepared.
    • Qian Wan – Dive into the Fizzy World
    • Hannah Whatley – Purinapups
    • Washington Chua – LiveWire: Escape (video not shown)
    • Capri Chanel Dillard – Quincy Brand Book
    • Madison Hatfield & Clara Bekeny – Blockbuster Brand Book
    • Hannah Whatley – LiveWire: Anti-Electric
    • Art Director Qian Wan & Copywriter Adhirath Bhatotia – The North Face: Be Ready
    • Alessandra Miranda – Hangoverless
    • Julio Aranda – The North Face: Unspoken Stories
    • Brandon Porter – Water is Life (video not shown)
    • Zadiu Chisholm – Stories of Our History (video not shown)
    • Jisung Lee – The North Face: Find Your Wild
    • Suqi Zhao – Hiding in plain sight

For more information on how ArtU is shaping the next generation of creative leaders in advertising, visit the School of Advertising.

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