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The Summer 2024 Study Abroad Program is Now Open To ALL

Whether you’re a current student, a newly registered degree seeker, or just curious about what an art-filled summer in Florence, Italy might be like, the Academy of Art University Study Abroad Program is for you.

The Study Abroad Program in Florence, Italy is open to everyone; there are no academic prerequisites. The only requirement is registering for two classes, for a total of six units. You can choose from three different study programs: Liberal Arts/ Photography, Fine Art/Illustration, or Fashion/Liberal Arts. The programs are designed with flexibility in mind; you can join without any prior experience with or knowledge of the subject matter, or you can build on your existing expertise. Each day features four hours of participatory instruction and a wide range of extracurricular activities, including fabulous excursions to museums, factories, showrooms, archaeological sites, and more. You’ll venture outside of Florence to smaller Tuscan villages as well as marquee cities like Venice and Milan.

You’re welcome to bring your spouse or significant other along for the adventure! And parents, bring your children! During class time, your friends and family can explore the magic of Florence on their own. For an additional fee, friends and family are welcome to join you for the three-day Venice excursion (your costs are included in the Program fee). If you’re an online Academy of Art student, this is a wonderful opportunity to spend some in-person time with your professors and fellow students.

To learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience, click here. We hope to see you in Florence. Ciao!

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