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The World Moves Indoors and Online. We’re Already There.

Academy of Art University is proud to be an art school molding its students to become creative problem-solvers, no matter how unique the challenge is. To do this, we ourselves first had to embrace innovative ways to enhance our own teaching methods.

In a matter of weeks, the world as we know it has turned upside-down. From major public events to intimate social gatherings, nothing is spared by the community quarantine measures enacted by the government to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Academy of Art University is but one of the many institutions who swiftly responded to address the issue by locking down our San Francisco campus and moving the classes online. It may seem like such a drastic shift in learning environments, but the truth is that it was a transition which required no fanfare on our part because it was an environment already set up and functioning in place.

Our online education program, established in 2002, allows our students and faculty to carry on as normal in their classes, albeit with certain modifications. Make no mistake, our online courses are designed to be just as rigorous and comprehensive as those taken on campus. It will require just as much effort and commitment to make the grade.

To put it simply, our students haven’t missed a beat. With our tried and tested online education program, we are confident that we will continue to provide the same quality of learning to our students, even in these uniquely trying times. It’s a challenge that puts a lot of systems to the test, but it’s a challenge that we’ve long been prepared for.

Academy of Art Online

Academy of Art University has long recognized the potential of online technology as a crucial tool for education. That is why we invest in a strong, reliable online portal specifically designed to cater to the needs of online learning.

We have a dedicated team of staff creating and supporting the Academy’s various online programs. Resources such as instructional videos are consistently produced to ensure that students will be able to understand and follow the program, regardless of where they are.

Community support is also readily available to keep both our faculty and student body informed on important Academy updates. Chat centers are set up so questions and issues can be raised and addressed as timely as possible. Social media channels, blogs, and video libraries help and encourage students to stay engaged.

Most important of all, Academy of Art’s online education program provides custom content created from the ground-up to ensure holistic, quality learning. Thanks to in-house industry experts, we have a robust collection of lecture content, interactive slideshows, recorded audio, video presentations and demos, and even hands-on work that will help students navigate and succeed in the online classroom setting.

Ready for the World—On the Ground and Online

Academy of Art’s online education program, with its custom-created online classes, proves our readiness to continue guiding our students towards achieving their goals in the creative field of art and design, no matter what the circumstances may be.

What this program helps create is a student body ready to adapt to changes, individuals that are creative out-of-the-box thinkers, and effective communicators deftly navigating the maze of both the physical and digital co-working realms.

Our online education program’s system is locked in place, and it has been proven to work. As the world scrambles to rearrange their normal, seeking shelter online, we’re all ready, already there.

Request information from our admissions representatives to learn more about our online education program for our various art and design courses.

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