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Urban Knight Student-Athletes Keep Creatively Busy to Combat Pandemic Stress

Let’s call it like it is: COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us. But there is hope.

In true Urban Knights fashion, Academy of Art University student-athletes have discovered that being creative and keeping busy are two of the best ways to combat the negative side effects of the global pandemic.

Here is a quick sampling of the activities our student-athletes have been working on in the past few months to distract them from the madness.

Student-Athletes Proudly Display Work In Online 2020 Spring Show

For the first time in the art school’s history, Academy of Art University in San Francisco held the Spring Show 2020 event remotely using a creative mix of virtual online and interactive media. From paintings and sculptures to fully developed video games and car models, Spring Show 2020 features a diverse group of students, spanning more than 75 creative disciplines.

More than 40 Academy of Art student-athletes were chosen to showcase their talents and portfolios, and to connect them with industry professionals, recruiters, and the community. This year’s event also includes virtual and interactive opportunities to continue the Academy’s long-standing tradition of connecting talented and skilled students with industry professionals.

Spring Show 2020 is available exclusively online and will run until next year.

Student-Athletes in Spring Show 2020
Academy of Art Student-Athletes Present at the Spring Show 2020.

Words of Wisdom from Urban Knights Athletes

Celena Davison, Women’s Volleyball/ Track & Field Red Shirt Sophomore

Q&A - Celena Davison
Celena Davison, Dual Student-Athlete

“Growing up around the entertainment industry in Los Angeles county, I was always attracted to the field [of Motion Pictures & Television] and those who worked in it. I’ve also never seen myself having a job where I sit in an office all day, so pursuing a career in the entertainment industry seemed to be the best decision.

“Getting to study what I’m passionate about and participate in two sports I love has definitely made for the best college experience I could ask for.”

Celena Davison

Aitana Comas Adam, Women’s Tennis

“I went for Interaction & UI/UX Design because of the opportunities San Francisco could bring me in the future, whether it is an internship, connections, or a good job position in a well-known company.

“I look up to many people, each one of them in the areas they are good at. This goes from my parents, family, friends, teammates, etc. I feel you always have something to learn from someone.”

Q&A - Aitana Comas Adam
Aitana Comas Adam, Women’s Tennis.