It is the objective of the Foundations department to provide a disciplined, cohesive approach to the study of design and art fundamentals to prepare students for advancement into their individual majors.

The Foundations curriculum heightens perception and understanding of visual structure through the study of drawing, modeling of form, value structure, perspective principles, color, and design theory. Representational skills are emphasized and technical processes developed, providing students with principles for visual communication that can be applied in their fields of study.

We strive to nurture the beginning artist in a challenging and supportive environment through leadership guided by an experienced and professional faculty.

The classroom experience includes lectures, demonstrations, and critiques to facilitate an understanding of the course material and direct communication with the instructor. Additionally, the Foundations department aims to instill an awareness of professionalism and industry expectations to enable students to meet the standards of their respective majors.

Foundation Classes

Foundations department courses are required for most majors and are determined by individual departments. Please check with your admissions representative to determine which Foundations classes are required for your major.

Waiving Foundations Classes

Students who are interested in waiving out of Foundations classes must review the waiver requirements and present work showing that they have the necessary skills for those classes. In addition, a test may be required. For more information on waiving Foundations classes, contact your admissions advisor.

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