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The Social Media Center PRO courses may all be taken within one semester over a 15 week period or taken in sequence as few as one course per semester.

Social Media Management Pro Courses

PRO 314 Social Media Content Development

Getting started in social media. This course focuses on producing content for social media using text, video, audio, and visuals. You will learn how to develop a brand voice and choose the best social channels to reach your target audiences. You will learn to communicate with compelling stories that adapt distinctly to each channel such as Twitter, Facebook, and other established and emerging channels.

Prerequisites:  none

PRO/LA 315 Social Media Strategies

Developing social media strategy that meets client goals. You will learn how to define measurable goals, create ROI benchmarks, and measure the success within a social media forum. You will also develop key content strategies that include target audiences, frequency of posting, production teams, and effective promotion tactics.

Prerequisites:  FSH/LA 218 OR PRO 314 (maybe concurrent) or by Director’s Approval

PRO/LA 316 Social Media Data Analytics

Measuring success. You will gain a deeper understanding of social media data insights that include assessing performance of initiatives, A/B testing, audience segmentation, defining KPIs, identifying context and conversion attribution, and other metrics. You will learn to interpret data to evaluate social media performance.

Prerequisites:  FSH/LA 218 OR PRO/LA 315 (maybe concurrent) or by Director’s Approval

PRO/LA 317 Social Media Management

Bringing it all together. In this culminating course, you will apply all of the social media skills learned to develop a social media campaign for a prospective client. You will perform the research, reporting, daily management, monitoring and the evaluating of the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives.

Prerequisites:  PRO/LA 316 or by Director’s Approval

PRO/LA 320 Social Media Law & Ethics

Building on information covered in the previous Social Media courses, this course addresses the legal issues and ethical considerations of publicly presenting information and interacting with consumers online as social media is adopted by a rising number of brands and consumers.  This course helps establish clear rules for social engagement, solicitation, communication, marketing, advertising and other everyday actions conducted by a variety of agents within the social web.

Prerequisites:  FSH/LA 218 OR PRO 314

Social Media Management

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