Social Media Management FAQ's

Can current Academy students take these courses?

Yes, please contact your advisor to register for courses.

How much time will each course take per day/week?

Each course is three (3) hours long in instruction. Courses are usually offered between 7:10 pm - 10:00 pm weekdays. As an example, if you were taking four (4) courses per one semester it would be 12 hours of commitment per week to attend courses, not including the time it would take you to complete homework assignments and other prep work required for each course. We recognize that furthering your career should not require you to sacrifice it - even temporarily; and to accommodate your work schedule you may enroll in as a few classes as your schedule permits.

How much do I need to know about Social Media to enroll?

The instructors adapt to a mix of students.  As long as you know how to use computers, the Internet, and have a general understanding of social media, that is enough to get you started.

How is this Social Media training different from others?

The social media management series of courses were developed in line with the Academy’s long-standing philosophy of industry-led training on the cutting edge of technology. The entire curriculum was designed to respond to rising market needs for social media specialists.

The unique advantage of the Academy’s Social Media Center is its proximity to Silicon Valley. Our unique Global Advisory Board ensures that the Center’s curriculum, tools, and practices stay up to date with industry standards. Industry partners will serve as members of the center’s Global Advisory Board and already include Tumblr, Reddit, Weebly, Fyuse, Flipboard, Issuu, and Newco on the growing roster.

Social Media Center at the Academy offers an industry-approved balance of rigor and depth across its entire series of courses.

What are the job prospects for Social Media industry positions?

Please click this link to discover job opportunities in San Francisco (or elsewhere in the United States) :

Marketing spending on social media is expected to increase 126% over the next five years, according to 2014 Duke University study.

For additional information please visit:

How can I finance these courses?

First, if you are currently employed, inquire with your employer as many companies provide tuition reimbursement/assistance for professional development courses.

Alternatively, you have an option to consider an Academy of Art Installment Plan:

Our installment plan is available to all students for our Fall and Spring semesters. The installment plan enables students to pay their tuition in four separate payments.

Installment plan agreement contracts and information regarding the Academy's installment plan may be obtained from the Accounts Receivable office. The Accounts Receivable staff may assist the student with the completion of the required contract.

Students enrolled for Fall or Spring may submit an online application for our four-month installment plan contract. Go to Student Self Service and navigate to "My Educational Profile, and click on the "Finances" link to apply online for the installment plan. A payment plan fee of $50 is due with the first installment.

Payments must be received on or before the required  due dates or your account will be subject to late fees, cancellation of the installment plan may occur, and your classes may be administratively dropped.

If you have any account related questions, please contact Accounts Receivable to speak to a representative at 1-415-618-6429.

Interest-Free Four Month Installment Plan Deadlines

(Spring 2018)

1st Installment (with $50 fee) Due Saturday, February 3, 2018
2nd Installment Due Saturday, March 3, 2018
3rd Installment Due Tuesday, April 3, 2018
4th Installment Due Thursday, May 3, 2018

For additional questions or information contact:

Social Media Center
1-800-544-2787 or