Academy of Art University Year of the Rooster Inspiration Contest

Use of Likenesses and/or Images

Images a contestant submits must be original property of the contestant and have no copyright associated with any image.

By submitting an original image, contest participants grant permission to Academy of Art University to use any and all work for promotional purposes, including but not limited to: postcards, mailers, cover photos, catalogs, brochures, advertisements, video promotions, and exhibitions.

Academy of Art University agrees to use the images only for the purposes of marketing, and cannot sell the images as prints, books, or profit of any kind. Images will not appear without some form of “Academy of Art University” marketing material or logo overlaid onto the images.

By submitting an image, you waive all rights or claims you may have against the organization and/or any of its Affiliates, Subsidiaries, or Assignees, other than as stated in the rules of this contest.