Student Experience

When collaborating on StudioX projects, students will be able to interact with real filmmakers to help their visions come alive. Many of the films we have worked on have been won awards in the most prestigious film festivals and competitions. All student artists get on-screen credits and IMDB listings, and are able to feature their work on their demo reels.

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Remote Lab (rLab) expand_more
With the rLAB there’s no need to purchase a high-powered computer, nor is there any need to purchase tons of expensive software. The rLAB enables students to use a high-end graphics computer workstation in our campus labs from anywhere, anytime you want it. This is known as “remote desktop” or DaaS (Desktop as a Service), and it transforms your own device (your laptop for example) into a powerful lab workstation.

All you need is a basic internet connection. Basically, if you can watch Youtube, you can use the rLAB. You see the lab workstation’s desktop through your own screen, and can control it with your mouse and keyboard, using its software, licenses, GPU, CPU, RAM, and network hard drives. It’s like having the world’s longest cable plugging your monitor and mouse at home into a graphics workstation at school.

Plus, with the added addition of the broker checkout system, you get 24/7 access, from any device, anywhere, any time!
Green Screen Studio expand_more
You’ll use real-time composite monitors and a full array of lighting equipment, including grid lighting, scrims, gel frames, green props, key lights, and more to bring your creations to life.
Voiceover Booth expand_more
State-of-the-art sound recording facilities that blanket all exterior sounds.


Spring Awards

Each year the School of Animation and Visual Effects puts on the Spring Awards, which are open to all Animation and Visual Effects students. Students may submit their best work in many categories of 2D and 3D Animation, from VFX Compositing to Stop Motion and more.

Students, staff, faculty, music artists, and both full-time and part-time lab technicians work to craft the look, style, and sound of the show. Department Leads introduce each category and award shooting the ceremony, which is also streamed live.


Hear from the Students and Alumni

Jan Philip Cramer: The Rise of a Legendary Career

The professional career of Jan Philip Cramer is the stuff of legend. Since he earned his BFA from the School of Animation & VFX at Academy of Art University in 2004, he’s contributed to an impressive list of credits which include some of the highest-profile—and highest-grossing—feature films ever made. More importantly, beyond the money and fame, Cramer has created some of the greatest animation work in history. See for yourself in this video.

StudioX to Netflix

This panel celebrates the success of Production students who graduated from the Academy and went on to have successful careers at Netflix.

Summer Hwang

Studio X was one of the main reasons I transferred to the Academy of Art. I worked on a lot of projects. Rat King was the one where I was the lead compositor. I got to communicate with the director and producer, who were from Disney. I sent them shot designs, and they gave me feedback. That back-and-forth was really helpful for me.

It’s a real production environment; we get to know how to communicate, how to reach out, and how to prioritize the tasks we are given.

The experience I had with the faculty was fantastic. People are always there when I need help.

Women in VFX:

We celebrate this panel of women who graduated from our Animation /Visual Effects prgram.  They offer valuable advice for entering the industry.

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