Built-In Career Prep Opportunities

An education that extends beyond the classroom walls.

At the Academy, we understand that learning flourishes when theory meets practice. You’ll gain invaluable experience by collaborating with industry professionals on real-world projects. This immersive approach allows you to earn credits while simultaneously honing your skills and forging industry connections.

At our year-end events, you will showcase your portfolio work to the world and receive feedback directly from established professionals. These interactions not only provide you with valuable insights but can also open doors to exciting internships or even job opportunities—a launchpad for your future career.

Industry Collaboratives

At the Academy, we don’t think you should wait for graduation to make art work for you. We give you an advantage over your job-seeking peers by bringing industr professionals directly into our classrooms. In our collaborative classes, you’ll work on real-world projects under the supervision of both Academy professors and our industry partners.

Your portfolios will feature up-to-the-minute work on real-world products and brands. You’ll expand your network of industry contacts and develop an arsenal of practical and applicable skills.

Watch the videos to see a few examples of recent collaborations between our schools of Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Architecture, Advertising, Graphic Arts, and Interaction UI/UX. Many of the students who participated in these collaboratives have earned internships and jobs with our industry partners.

Studio X

Our School of Animation and Visual Effects brings collaboration into the professional realm via our in-house production studio, Studio X. In Studio X, you will work on films bound for prestigious film festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca. As a member of a Studio X visual effects team, you will become an expert in the pipeline required to create digital and film effects.

Check out some of the films our students have received credit on before graduation. Can you imagine a better piece of portfolio work than a theatrical released or streaming film?

Production Hub

Production Hub (PHUB) is a collaborative class that brings students with different skill sets together to work with real-world clients ad create and produce high-end content in the form of documentaries, PSAs, commercials, branded content, and educational media.

Our clients include the San Francisco Fire Department, the United States Coast Guard, the Alameda County Paramedics, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, the San Francisco Public Library (Project Read), the Independent Living Resource Center, and the San Francisco Film Commission.

PHUB films have been selected for film festivals, won awards, been featured on local news, and are shared prominently on government agencies’ social media platforms.

Fashion Shows

The Runway Fashion Show is where the Academy’s rising fashion design stars unveil visionary collections. These collections rival those on the runways of New York and Paris. This electrifying night isn’t just about the clothes; it’s about connections. You’ll mingle with industry insiders, the fashion press, and renowned designers from across the globe. Many graduate designers walk away from the show not only exhilarated but also with internship and job offers in hand. Don’t miss this must-see event!


Our NxtUp Festival is the culminating event of the school year. It’s a full-blown film festival with an awards ceremony highlighting the best student work across all categories.

Spring Show: Unveiling Artistic Excellence

Expect to be inspired. Immerse yourself in a showcase of exceptional work from graduating students across 22 different disciplines, including photography, sculpture, game design, filmmaking, and 3D modeling.

The Spring Show is more than just an exhibition; it’s a valuable opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals. Employers from around the world attend the event, eager to discover promising young talent. Many students use this platform to secure internships and job offers, launching their careers in the creative industries.

Spring Show Thumbnail
Advisory Board

Advisory Board: Future Proof Your Education

Our Advisory Board is comprised of leading industry professionals. Twice a year, these advisors team up with our faculty to engage in a comprehensive review of the curriculum and student work. This collaborative process results in a full examination of what is and isn’t working, and identifies areas where the Academy can continue to innovate and improve.

The Advisory Board provides invaluable insights into the skills most sought after by employers. By tapping this insider knowledge, we ensure our curriculum remains relevant and forward-thinking, and equips our students with the necessary tools for success.

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