EAP Support Agreement Form

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Welcome! Your class has a large number of international students enrolled. As a result, you have an English for Art Purposes (EAP) support instructor trained in English language teaching assigned to your class.

What will my EAP support instructor do?

Provide English language support to students in order to:
  • Promote student comprehension of lectures, demos, assignments, and/or quizzes/exams
  • Help students effectively communicate during critiques and presentations
EAP support instructors work in collaboration with you to bridge gaps in language and content. You are the content expert and your support instructor has expertise in second language teaching and learning. They are not translators, teaching assistants, co-teachers, or evaluators. While their priority is international students, the support they provide can benefit domestic students as well.

How would you like your EAP support instructor to work with you and your students?

(Check all that apply)
*For onsite virtual Zoom classes – Use the chat feature and/or breakout rooms to help students

**For onsite virtual Zoom classes – Study groups will be held on Zoom

Need tips for working with your international students?

You can also opt-in to receive feedback from your EAP support instructor on best practices for effectively teaching the second language learners in your class. Please note: EAP support instructors are not evaluators and it is not appropriate for a support instructor to critique your teaching. However, these instructors are trained in language teaching methodology and – with your permission – may be able to provide tips to make your efforts with the students more successful.
I would welcome feedback from my EAP support instructor on best practices for effectively teaching the second language learners in my class.*
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above information and guidelines.

If more than one, please list all of your EAP designated courses for the semester.

Click here for our full EAP support policy

Click here for more information on our EAP classes

Please contact the EAP Department at eapsupport@art.edu with any questions.

We look forward to working with you to make this a great semester for you and your students!

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