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What is a Fashion Photographer?

Imagine the flash of cameras on the runway or capturing the perfect shot of the season’s hottest new trend. Fashion photographers know how to make an image come alive.

Fashion photography communicates new trends and sells clothing. Working as a fashion photographer presents the opportunity to travel the world and work on exciting advertising campaigns for renowned labels and design houses. More than just glitz and glamour, it requires dedication to build a reputation in an industry where having contacts is vital for success.

What does a Fashion Photographer do?

A fashion photographer interprets their client’s vision to produce photographs that maintain brand image and sell garments. Through stylish composition, effective lighting and interesting angles, they create pictures that captivate the attention of the masses.

Successful collaboration with art directors, stylists, makeup artists, models and on-set support workers is essential to get the right shot. It can take hundreds of pictures to capture the one image that the client is looking for.

For fashion photographers, each day and job present a fresh creative challenge. The photographer adapts to a variety of personalities and environmental factors. Although studio shoots are common, photographs are often taken “on location” where distractions like unpredictable weather, background noise and difficult terrain must be overcome.

This career can be demanding, but there are many perks. Attending star-studded events, traveling to exotic locations and working flexible hours are just some of the benefits to being a photographer in the exciting world of fashion. Established fashion photographers command large salaries and work with the best designers in the world.

Get Started as a Fashion Photographer

If you are interested in a fashion photography career, start by attending a top accredited photography school. There, you will hone your creative abilities and use cutting-edge equipment to build your portfolio and gain vital hands-on experience.

Once you break into this fascinating industry, you will have the opportunity to communicate the latest fashion trends to millions of people worldwide, without saying a word!

Academy of Art University is a top photography school. Led by instructors who are also award-winning photographers, students prepare for their professionals futures in Fashion, Documentary, Advertising and Fine Art Photography.

Classes are available online and in San Francisco. Academy of Art University offers Associates (AA), Bachelors (BFA) and Masters (MFA) Photography degrees as well as continuing art education, online awards of completion and pre-college programs for high school students.

Contact us at 800.544.2787 or Request Info.

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