Art Institute Transfer Students

The abrupt closure of Art Institute campuses across the country has displaced many of their students. Academy of Art University has created options to support these Art Institute students.
If you’re in this situation, we are here to help you continue pursuing your educational goals in similar fields of study.
We have created two options to support you: the Teach-Out Agreement and the Transfer Articulation Agreement.

Teach-Out Agreement

The Teach-Out Agreement allows students to transfer up to 100% of their credits to help them stay on track and complete their degrees.

Who Is Eligible*?

  • Students who have completed 75% or more of their Art Institute degree requirements
  • Students with 68 or more completed credits in the 90 credit Associates Degree
  • Students with 135 or more completed credits in the Bachelors Degree

We will use the student’s degree audit report and a portfolio submission to determine their current skill level and which classes best meet remaining requirements. While helping a student complete their remaining requirements, we also want to prepare them for success after graduation:

  • Teach-out students will graduate with an Academy of Art University diploma
  • Students are required to provide all transcripts and supporting portfolio work
  • 100% of completed credits will be accepted if a student meets the teach-out criteria
  • Our $50 Application Fee and $95 Enrollment Fee will be waived.

Transfer Articulation Agreement

If you don’t qualify for the Teach-Out Agreement, we offer the Transfer Articulation Agreement. Art Institute transfer students can transfer up to 75% of the degree equivalent offered at Academy of Art University. We check transfer credits by transcript review and portfolio submission. We use that to determine skill levels and placement. You also have the option of exploring majors that better align with your career goals.

Waiving Application Fees

Your career starts here.
Take the first step.
Or call 415-274-2222 to request more information about this program.

Academy of Art is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). We are nationally accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). View our full list of accreditations.

Teach-Out StudentsvsTransfer Students
Completed 75% or more of their program at Art Institute.DifferentCompleted less than 75% of their program at Art Institute
Associates: 68 or more completed credits out of 90. DifferentAssociates: less than 68 credits were completed out of 90.
Bachelors: 135 or more completed credits out of 180. DifferentBachelors: less than 135 credits were completed out of 180.
Bachelors: 135 or more completed credits out of 180. SameCan attend full-time or part-time.
100% of all completed credits will be accepted.DifferentCan transfer up to 75% of credits into the Academy of Art University program pending a transcript and portfolio review.
Must submit portfolio and transcripts for review.SameMust submit portfolio and transcripts for review.
Students will graduate with an Academy of Art University diploma.SameStudents will graduate with an Academy of Art University diploma.

“Change is often difficult. We at Academy of Art University empathize with the current situation impacting students and families. Fortunately, our staff has experience helping students to fulfill their educational goals, and finish what they started. What may seem like a burden today can turn into a life-changing opportunity. We hope all affected Art Institute students find the school and program that best fits their career goals.” – Hector Verdugo, Sr. Vice President of Admissions

There are many things to consider when looking at transfer options. The Academy’s staff are here to help you complete your education. Let us help you get started. Tell us about yourself or call 844-875-1981 so we can help you earn your degree without delay.

Interested in Attending Academy of Art University?

If you’re interested in attending, you can join us for one of our open houses to learn more about why Academy of Art is one of the best art and design schools in the country or take a campus tour.

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