Speaking and Writing Labs

Speaking Lab

Speaking labs help with presentations, participating in critiques, pronunciation skills, and practicing informal conversation.

Onsite Speaking Lab (Currently closed. Please use the Online Speaking Lab.)

The Speaking Lab will help you improve your spoken English abilities for both informal conversations and formal classroom activities.

Conversation Group

  • Practice informal and everyday English conversation in a small group (maximum 6 students) with a tutor
  • Feel more comfortable participating in spoken conversational English
  • Meet other English learners and make friends

Presentation Practice

  • Practice giving presentations and receive feedback from a tutor
  • Get help with language issues (vocabulary, organization, etc.) to give more effective presentations
  • Improve delivery skills including eye contact, body language, volume, and pace

Pronunciation Practice

  • Practice pronouncing English sounds for clear and effective communication
  • Participate in guided pronunciation exercises
  • Learn how to monitor and correct your own pronunciation problems

Online Speaking Lab

The Online Speaking Lab offers three types of appointments to develop your speaking skills:

  • Conversation Groups
  • Presentation Practice
  • Pronunciation Practice

The lab is open for both online and on-campus students to use and meets on Zoom. You will need a computer/smartphone (with a microphone and video camera) and headphones.

Writing Lab

Writing Lab helps you improve your writing skills by focusing on content, organization, style, and composition. Writing Lab will teach you the skills you need to do better on your writing assignments.

Virtual Writing Lab

Meet one-on-one, live, online with a tutor to enhance your composition, organization, and editing skills. Writing Lab tutors will teach you the skills to improve your writing and do better on written assignments.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Submit your written assignments online to an English instructor, and get written feedback on your main idea, idea development, and organization within 24 hours.

Available to all students seeking language help with:

  • Understanding other course content or materials
  • Research and concept development for projects
  • Class presentations or participation in critiques
  • Cultural aspects of classes or projects
  • Midpoint or Final Review proposals or presentations
  • Graduate final projects or thesis
  • Content-specific writing assistance
  • Help with resumes, internships, or job interviews

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