Housing Application

Discover our vibrant student housing in San Francisco staffed by friendly resident directors, resident assistants, and campus security detail.

Housing Application

Personal Information

Gender assigned at birth

If your birth gender differs from your gender identity, please select an appropriate option from the list above. Please note that the gender identity you select will determine the housing in which you are placed.*

Address Information

Release of Information

Completing the Housing Release of Information

  1. Click the link below to download the Housing Release of Information PDF
  2. Complete the form
    • Select to release either all records or below-listed records. If below-listed records is selected, please specify the records to release on the line below.
    • Add person(s)/agency to release information to including Name, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, and Phone Number.
    • Complete the For the purpose of field
    • Type your name in the Student Name (print) field
    • Add your Student ID number
    • Digitally sign (you must use Adobe Acrobat as opening a browser window will not allow signatures) or you may print and physically sign the document. (If printing to sign, you will need to scan the printed form and save on your computer prior to uploading below).
Housing Release of Information

Emergency Contact & Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance information is required before you can move into campus housing. If you do not have that information available right now, we will reach out to you at a later date to fill in these fields.

Emergency Contact Information

Please make sure at least one of your Emergency Contacts resides in the United States

Emergency Contact 1

Enter Full Name

Emergency Contact 2

Enter Full Name

Housing License Agreement

Please carefully read the Housing License Agreement (HLA) below, as you will be held to its conditions and policies as an applicant and resident of campus housing at the Academy of Art University.

Student Agreement

Roommate Profile

Use this section to setup your profile which may be used for matching with a potential roommate.


Emotional Support Animals

Release My Information to Roommates

Room Preference

Please keep in mind that while your preferences are always taken into consideration, we cannot guarantee a specific building or room type assignment.

Academic year room rates and meal plan costs can be found here:
<insert link to housing rate sheet>

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