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Academy Alum's 'Get a Mac' Named Campaign of the Decade

Rarely does an ad campaign become a cultural icon, but that's what Apple's Get a Mac campaign accomplished. Academy of Art University alumnus Jason Sperling (Advertising MFA 1998) led the team from TBWA/Media Arts Lab that created the ad series. Now Jason's team and Get a Mac have attained another milestone: being named Campaign of the Decade by Adweek.

Jason Sperling with Cast of Commercials
From Apple's Get a Mac ad campaign – John Hodgman, Jason Sperling, Justin Long

Launched in 2006 and appearing in a variety of media, the Get a Mac campaign used sharp writing and unforgettable casting to deliver stunning sales success. In the process they won nearly every award in the advertising industry, including a Cannes Gold Lion and a One Show Gold Pencil. The latest recognition by Adweek implicitly acknowledges that the campaign revolutionized technology advertising and marketing in much the same way Apple turned the computer industry upside down with its products.

According to Adweek, the series of 66 humorous Get a Mac spots "offer transparent understanding of the aspirations of its audience and how people identify – and connect emotionally – with technology... The Mac guy, Justin Long, is a younger version of Steve Jobs who is casual and comfortable in his skin. PC, personified by John Hodgman as a rounder, paler Bill Gates, is a well-meaning geek with all kinds of operating problems. For Apple, the campaign managed the neat trick of making the brand look laid back and cool while it mercilessly skewered its rival."

Jason's Academy association goes even beyond his MFA degree: He also taught graduate-level Advertising courses from 1995 to 2000. Academy of Art University congratulates Jason and his colleagues on this stellar achievement!


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