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Advertising Grad’s Award-Winning Campaigns Launch His Career

This year has been an exciting one for Pitha Udomkanjananan. In addition to graduating with an MFA in Advertising, the Academy of Art University alum has won a Student ADDY Best of Show Award and two One Show College Merit Awards, as well as making it to the shortlist of the CLIO Student Integrated Campaign Awards.

Pitha Udomkanjananan
at the ADDY Awards

As three of the most watched awards programs in the advertising industry, the ADDYs, One Show Awards and CLIOs also recognize outstanding student work. Students winning these awards draw attention from advertising agencies around the world. This month, Pitha starts work at Creative Juice (TBWA) in Bangkok as an art director.

Pitha’s ESPN Radio campaign, which won a National Student ADDY Best of Show Award as well as awards regionally and in San Francisco, focuses on a single, strong visual message. The pieces turn tennis courts, football fields, pitcher’s mounds and more into speech bubbles, with each bubble attributed to ESPN Radio.

Work by Pitha Udomkanjananan
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“I’m a big fan of simplicity, a simple idea,” said Pitha of the campaign. “That’s what I really like about this campaign. It’s simple and very easy to understand.”

To create a meaningful engagement with consumers, Pitha also envisioned a game element to the campaign. Viewers would be able to interact with posters and print collateral with their smart phones, even competing against others online to get the highest score.

Showing his talent for bringing ideas to life on the page and on the screen, Pitha’s other winning ads include integrated campaigns for City Harvest in New York and for Twinkies.

Work by Pitha Udomkanjananan
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His project for City Harvest draws on elements of games and puzzles to convey the idea that some people deal with hunger on a regular basis. One memorable print ad shows sushi placed on a plate that is also a maze, with the words, “Not everyone has easy access to food. Donate now to solve hunger in New York.”

“Twinkie Vortex” creates an elaborate world in which users can explore, play games and interact. The concept positions Twinkies as an otherworldly delight, imagining a planet where users can “Brave the creamy unknown.” The campaign included a microsite, outdoor advertising, online ads and more.

Work by Pitha Udomkanjananan
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As he joins the team at Creative Juice (TBWA) in Bangkok, he will be working at the same company as fellow Academy of Art University Advertising alumnus Thirasak Tanapatanakul, who is the Chief Creative Officer at the agency.

With his flair for creativity, Pitha has now landed himself a position doing what he considers to be one of the most intriguing jobs in the world. “The two coolest careers in my opinion are rock star and advertising creative,” he said.

Partly due to his time at the Academy’s School of Advertising, Pitha looks forward to his new role and all of the new media platforms he will create for during his career. “Nowadays, the advertising industry is constantly changing. That’s a lot of new ways to advertise: digital, new media, social media and many more,” he said. “The school prepared us for the new era of advertising.”

Given his award-winning work, Pitha is sure to help usher in that new era.


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