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Recent Grad Already Touted as "World Renowned Digital Artist" and Hired by Top Company

In the same month that he completed his degree at the Academy of Art University, Jason Chan became the main feature of a top industry magazine.  The May 2006 issue of Imagine FX, the only magazine dedicated to digital sci-fi illustration, dedicated its cover to an illustration from Jason’s portfolio and published two articles about him and his art.  It is clear that Jason is already one of the young stars of the industry.  Massive Black, a company that has done major projects for nearly every major video game publisher and important developer, recruited him to intern while he was still an Academy student and recently hired him as a full-time Concept Artist.

The caption on the cover of the May 2006 Imagine FX – “World-renowned digital artist Jason Chan shares his secret techniques in an exclusive workshop” – is a clear sign of Jason’s success. Inside, one finds a gothic art tutorial that Jason prepared for the magazine.

Waterfall by Jason Chan
by Jason Chan '06

Imagine FX also did an interview with Jason, where he speaks of his artistic background and inspirations. Jason describes his individual style as one that truly developed when he combined his background of drawing Japanese video game characters with a "western aesthetic" and a more painterly approach. "The key to digital painting is not in the software. The computer is just a fancy pencil," says Jason in his Imagine FX interview.

The Academy of Art University strives to instill these traditional values in all of its students. Students take extensive foundations courses to learn strong traditional painting and drawing skills, before they begin using computer technology to expand their repertoire of illustrative and conceptual skills. When we congratulated Jason on all of his success, he was happy to acknowledge the important role that the school played in turning him into the artist he is today. "The Academy taught me all about process. It was there that I learned patience and the professional practices to go from idea, to concept, to sketches, to thumbnails, to a polished final piece," he says. The Academy is proud to have had a part in shaping this formidable artist.


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