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Students and Alumni Featured in CMYK Magazine

CMYK 46 Cover CMYK Girl Scout Ad CMYK Golden Gate One

Exceptional work by eight Academy of Art University students and graduates was featured in CMYK magazine. The work chosen for the issue illustrates the kind of fresh talent that is invigorating and redefining the creative world.

Industry professionals choose the best new talent to be highlighted in the quarterly CMYK issue. The judges selected pieces across four categories: Advertising, Design, Photography, and Illustration.

Advertising alum Jimin Halim submitted an ad campaign for BusinessWeek magazine. The ads use simple illustrations and the tagline "You get the gist" to highlight BusinessWeek's direct news style.

Sahar Mozaffar and Kulika Thongton received recognition for their magazines ads promoting the Girl Scouts. Sahar and Kulika are both grads of the MFA Advertising program at the Academy. Their ads highlight the value of the Girl Scout experience by showing what Girl Scouts can go on to achieve.

Design category winner Carl Bender created packaging for materials developed for a Richard Linklater film festival. The School of Graphic Design grad told the magazine he wanted to infuse "the comfortable, well-worn feel of Linklater's films into a collection of pieces that were approachable."

Li-Hsuan Lu, graduate of the School of Photography MFA program, received second place for her photo story, The Invisible Things – Healing Heart. The photos follow the story of a woman from heartbreak to her eventual recovery, using color to denote her mood.

Photography student Kristen Eshweiler's Sarah – a clean and straightforward headshot of a young girl – was among the images chosen for the showcase.

Chris MacArthur, a current Photography student, showed his photo Golden Gate One. "My idea behind the series was to photograph the interaction of light, night and fog," Chris told CMYK.

Illustration student Joseph Kelly was recognized for The Tell Tale Heart, his interpretation of the Edgar Allen Poe classic. His featured piece joins the work of other artists on the cover of the magazine.

Four illustrious industry professionals judged the collection: Tiffany Kosel, VP/creative director at Crispin Porter Bogusky; Sean Adams, partner at AdamsMorioka; Craig Cutler, an award-winning photographer; and Melinda Beck, a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and animator.

The judges found it difficult to choose from among all of the submissions. "I expected choosing a limited number from the entries to be easy, but it was challenging," said Adams. "The level of work here is definitely professional and well considered."


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