Photography Facilities

Shoot larger portraits in our full-body studio.
For larger shots, use our large production studio.

Photography Equipment

  • Always up-to-date, our wide variety of photography equipment is available for studio use or check out.
  • 35mm film/digital cameras, medium format and 4"x5" film cameras
  • Full range of lenses for 35mm, medium format, and 4"x5" cameras
  • Strobe lighting equipment with batteries/generators
  • Spectrophotometeres and colorimeters
  • Fully equipped black and white darkroom with 4"x5" englargers
  • Large format inkjet printers
  • Flatbed, film and virtual drum scanners
  • The latest photography workstations and software

Check out darkroom, location, and studio equipment in our equipment room.
Develop black and white film in our dedicated darkroom.

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