PRO SCU010: Sculpture (Form and Figure)

Learn how to sculpt form and figure with real studio practice. This 7-week workshop provides in-depth demonstrations and studio practice in modeling the human figure using water and oil-based clays. You will learn modeling techniques to complete finished sculptures that include reclining and standing figures and portrait heads.

At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Build a series of studies and in-depth projects featuring different angles of the human figure
  • Explore compositional issues and modeling skills using a variety of techniques
  • Use clay modeling techniques to develop skills in modeling male and female forms
  • Accurately represent proportions of the human body and skeletal and muscle systems


All Online Workshops feature the following:

  • The instructor is an experienced professional and leads all online classroom activities
  • Comprehensive video demos plus interactive text presentations for all techniques covered
  • An ongoing Discussion available 24-7 for interaction with your class and for uploading assignments
  • Live weekly meetings with your instructor and classmates
Short Term Begins July 1

When: Saturdays

Term: 7-Weeks

End Date: August 12, 2017

Cost/Class: $1,448

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Offered: Onsite, Online

Prerequisites: This is only available for personal enrichment

Questions? Call Us at 1-800-544-2787

Master Instructor: Thomas Durham

Tom Durham is a professional member of the National Sculpture Society and winner of the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Award from the Florence Biennale in Italy. He has worked with EIS Sculpture Studio, the largest Figurative Sculpture Studio in NYC; he has exhibited with Spoleto Festival USA; and he has also finished portrait and figurative commissions throughout the country, including several portraits of the New York Philharmonic Conductors. Featured in Sculpture Review magazine, he is known for both his realistic commissions as well as his individual work that combines myth and reality of hybrid sculptures. He was also recently featured in the books “100 Artists of the Male Figure” and “Gods and Goddesses”, by Michael Publishing, LLC.

Do What You Love

Nina Fabunmi studied real estate in her home country of Nigeria, but what she really wanted to do was paint. After painting as a hobby for years, she was commissioned to do a series of paintings in Lagos, Nigeria, earning enough money to relocate to San Francisco and pursue her MFA in Fine Art - Painting. Today, her cultural portraits and landscapes sell to art enthusiasts across the country while she continues to paint – doing what she loves for a living.