Pre-College Art Experience Application (UAT)

The Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) at Academy of Art University is a tuition-FREE art and design education program for high school students.

Explore your future, gain confidence in your creative abilities, and have the time of your life as an art and design student at Academy of Art University. Start your application below!

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Academy of Art University Pre-College Art Experience Application

Step 2 of 4 - Parent & Additional Info

Emergency Phone:

Please enter numbers only

Student Supervision Acknowledgement Agreement


Please read the following terms thoroughly and acknowledge your agreement below.

  • Academy of Art University provides supervision to student participants in the Pre-College Art & Design Experience program only while the participants are engaged in an Academy-sponsored event, such as classroom instruction or field trips.
  • Academy of Art University provides no supervision to student participants when they are not participating in Academy events or when students are "off-campus", except to the extent that some Academy-sponsored events may be held off-campus.
  • Academy of Art University bears no responsibility for injury or other adverse circumstances experienced by student participants that occur outside the scope of Pre-College Art & Design Experience or Academy-sponsored events, whether occurring in the city of San Francisco, California, or anywhere else.
  • For Pre-College Art & Design Experience housing, click here.
* I acknowledge, understand and accept the terms stated above.
Academy of Art University Pre-College Art Experience Application

Step 3 of 4 - Policies & Procedures

Note: In order to ensure an inspiring, respectful environment conducive to growth and creative expression for all students studying at Academy of Art University, it is imperative that all students and parents comply with the below policies and procedures at all times. By electronically signing below, you acknowledge that you have read these policies and procedures and agree to act in accordance with them as a participant in Academy of Art University's Pre-College Art & Design Experience.


Adding or Changing Classes: Classes may be added or changed throughout the first week of classes. You may choose to drop classes at any time.


Fees: Application processing fees are non-refundable and non-deferrable.

  • Some courses require fees for lab/equipment access. These must be paid before classes begin.

Attendance: Consistent, timely attendance and full participation are expected of all students.

  • Three (3) or more absences in any one class will result in a final grade of "No Pass".
    • Summer Only: This may also result in removal from Academy of Art University Housing.
  • Take courses online if you have vacation plans that would cause you to miss classes.

Grading: Classes are Pass/No Pass. A "Pass" is based on attendance, participation, and final project.

  • Students may access grades via their Self-Service student portal approximately three weeks after successful completion of the program.
  • Certificate of Completion will be sent via e-mail at the end of term.

Scholarship Dollars: Student earns $1000 in scholarship funds for their future education at Academy of Art University only. To redeem said scholarship dollars, the student must attend Academy of Art University the following fall semester after graduating high school.

  • A maximum of four (4) PCADE classes, equivalent to $4000, can be utilized for undergraduate studies at Academy of Art University.
  • Request your certificate by e-mailing

Safety: Students are expected to avoid endangering or causing to be endangered (directly or indirectly) the safety of any person, including self.

  • Examples: suicide gestures; bomb threats; the activation of false alarms; tampering with emergency equipment such as alarm systems, security systems, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency exit doors, or elevators.
  • Students found responsible for tampering with the elevators will be charged the $185 per hour charge required to get them operating again.
  • The SF Fire Department fines students up to $500 for tampering with fire alarms resulting in a false alarm.
  • Windows are not to be used as entrances or exits for people or other objects.
  • Tampering with windows and sitting on windowsills is prohibited.
  • As a safety precaution, use handles for opening and closing windows.
  • Do not try to force a window open by pushing on a windowpane.
  • Students are not allowed on the roof of the building, on the balconies, on the fire escape or on the fire escape ladders except in cases of an emergency.

Harassment: Abusive behavior and acts of aggression directed toward any member of the campus community is a violation of Title V of the California Administrative Code, Section 41301 and is prohibited. The University will not tolerate assault in any form including, but not limited to physical, verbal, or sexual, including acquaintance rape.

By checking this box, I agree that my parent/guardian is aware and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Pre-College Art & Design Experience offered by Academy of Art University.

By checking this box, both Student and Parent/Guardian agree with the above Policies and Procedures.

NOTE: an electronic signature will be required in the next step. Please have a parent or guardian sign. In addition, please include a parent/guardian email address (not the student's email address) to verify the signature. The undersigned (i.e., the parent or guardian) should have the authority to agree to the information submitted and will certify that all information provided therein is true and correct.

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