The Academy’s design studio facilities are equipped to prepare you for a career as an Architectural professional. Our hands-on learning environment creates a culture that supports curiosity, investigation, and creative production.

Online students engage in discussions and activities through the online platform, social media, and real-time streaming of our events. Faculty and peer relationships are reinforced to support collaborative learning. Both online and onsite environments are equipped to provide you with the skills you need to start a successful career in architecture.


Robotics Lab

Our robotics lab explores emerging methods of representation and fabrication within architecture and design. As robot technology is rapidly advancing within architecture practice, we conduct hands-on research by design tied to the profession and potential building applications which innovate the field.

Fabrication Labs

Advanced digital fabrication equipment including laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC routers are deeply embedded into our curriculum. Students learn to use these tools and apply them into their design process. The Academy of Art University is committed to continuously updating the physical production facilities of the school to accommodate the advancing field of architecture and the built environment.

Metal Shop

The metal shop expands students’ opportunities to realize their projects and explore the potentials of different material expression and technique. Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of metal  fabrication processes.

Wood Shop

Fabricate objects and jigs in both natural and artificial wood in our wood shop. Work with band saws, drill presses, jointer, planer, miter saws, panel saw, wood shapers, and table routers. Two wood lathes and two isolated sanding rooms with spindle and disc sanders and one more lathe for working foam plastics give you the control to polish your designs. The wood shop also features four SawStop table saws as part of our ongoing commitment to safety.

Open Atrium

The large open atrium is literally the heart of our school, it is here where we conduct events, public lectures, and presentations of student work.

Studio Spaces

Both online and onsite studio environments in the architecture programs encourage public and transparent dialogue between students and faculty. Onsite students see quickly that the environment is one of open studio “classrooms” and presentation spaces. Online, students are engaged in discussion and activities through the online platform as well as social media and real time streaming of our events.

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