Real World Partnerships

Academy of Art University offers some of the best training and hands-on experience to help accelerate your fine arts career. We pride ourselves in doing an exceptional job preparing you to excel in your chosen profession. Our degree programs are designed to equip aspiring artists and designers with a comprehensive toolbox of marketable skills that lead to success in the art world.

Real World Partnerships
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Commission Artist
Create custom art for clients and collectors as a commission artist. You'll interpret your clients direction into one-of-a-kind works of art, and express yourself in a highly marketable way.
As a museum or gallery curator, you'll work as the content specialist in charge of the institution's collection. Interpret the material, organize its exhibition , and provide historical context through materials, catalogs, and labels.
Gallery Artist
Express yourself and contribute to the discourse of culture as a gallery artist. You'll create, show, and sell your work in commercial galleries, museums and express a unique point of view.
Gallery Owner
Own, manage, maintain, and curate your own collection as a gallery owner. You'll discover new artists, build a clientele base, and organize shows to express a unique point of view.
Master Printer
Print editions as a master printer at a fine arts press or print house. You'll oversee the production and execution of fine art editions and collaborate with artists, printers, and publishers.
Show your talent off on a large scale as professional muralist. You'll work with clients to interpret their direction, budget supplies and materials, and execute a work a art that satisfies everyone's goals.
Inspire the next generation of artists as a university art professor. You'll teach students historical, aesthetic, and technical details of developing their unique voice, and help them inspire and engage with the art community.
Dazzle the art world and its most knowledgeable enthusiasts with incredible three-dimensional compositions crafted from classical or cutting-edge materials that best express your unique point of view and serve as unmistakable commentary on the state of your community.
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