Graphic Design Careers

Academy of Art University is recognized for graduating students ready to pursue a professional graphic design career. The School of Graphic Design is proud to produce alumni who are thriving at leading design firms, marketing agencies, and innovative companies. Our students are not only prepared to enter the workforce—they are ready to excel and raise the bar within the vibrant design community.

Graphic Design Careers
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Graphic Designer
Graphic designers work within companies and institutions of all kinds, as well as in advertising and design studios, large and small. Graphic designers work on a wide range of projects which includes branding, editorial, interactive, environmental, advertising, and information design. Although the designer’s role will vary by organization it will always be tasked with producing creative, effective, and elegant graphic solutions, both print and digital.
Creative/Art Director
As a creative director, you'll work with copywriters, designers, and creative directors to produce creative solutions which meet branding objectives, while setting a high bar for creativity within your organization. You'll be responsible for setting and presenting high-level vision for projects and managing teams to achieve brand and client success.
User Experience (UX) Designer
UX designers work with product designers and visual designers as well as front-end developers, and clients to create interactive experiences that resonate with users. They document and present UX ideas and solutions to team members and clients. UX designers utilize research methods and user testing to architect the structure and navigation flow of digital products such as apps and websites and other interactive experiences.
Visual Designer
Visual designers apply their technical knowledge and design skills to create interactive products of all kinds. By integrating type, layout, color and iconography visual designers influence the users emotions and drive action through the use of motion, language and aesthetics. Visual designers work in teams with UX designers and front-end developers to create smooth usability and functionality while creating design systems that ensure a consistency of brand experience.
Product Designer
Product designers use UX design tools and methods along with type, color, layout and motion, design and iconography systems to create interactive experiences that resonate with users. Product designers integrate and cross between the role of UX and Visual designer depending on their role in an organization. They work with front-end developers and are responsible for all (or part) of the usability, functionality and visual design of a digital product such as an app, website or social media platform.
Service Designer
Service designers work within and for a range of organizations including governments and multinational companies. Service designers build efficiency and translate brand values through to the user experience for many kinds of products and organizations. Using tools and methods from ethnography, information management and interaction design Service designers analyze, map and re-organize systems which they then document and present to stakeholders and clients.
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