Academy of Art University offers some of the best training and hands-on experience to help accelerate your career. We pride ourselves in doing an exceptional job preparing you to excel in your future careers in illustration. Our degree programs are designed to equip aspiring illustrators with a comprehensive toolbox of marketable skills that lead to success in the illustration industry.

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Book Cover Artist
Create narrative art for book covers as a book cover artist. You'll conceptualize and execute eye-catching imagery for cover layouts, and communicate story notes in a single image.
Children's Book Illustrator
With the vibrant children's book market, you'll be able to create illustrations for a wide range of audiences and story styles as a children's book illustrator. With an emphasis on storytelling, a diversity in approaches and styles makes this a flexible and exciting career path.
Comics Artist
Create and sell your own stories as a comic artist. Layout artists draw pages for comics, inkers create line art for comics, and writers provide the story framework.
Concept Artist
Create preproduction art from rough ideation to model packets as a concept artist. You'll create environments, character designs, and concepts for games or films, and work with a variety of teams to create new worlds and stories.
Freelance Illustrator
Illustrators solve visual problems and tell stories in formats that range from infographics to comic books. You can make 3D visualizations, book covers, posters, cards, graphic novels, collectibles and more. You are also responsible for managing and maintaining your own business.
Interactive Illustrator
In the emerging market of interaction design, the interactive illustrator creates art for inclusion in digital mediums such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. Understand and influence user behavior with a strong illustrative style and give life to interactive experiences.
Medical/Scientific Illustrator
Create the illusion of being inside a heart, sitting in an ancient temple, or explaining disease vectors as medical or scientific illustrator. Combining meticulous research and execution skills with artistic vision, you'll distill complex concepts into simple and beautiful illustrations.
As a reportage illustrator, you'll be tasked with documenting moments for TV, the Internet, sketchbooks, and specialty publications. Courtroom, combat, and corporate presentation artists must work efficiently and accurately to define a moment in time.
Storyboard Artist
As a storyboard artist, you'll break down and draw shots for commercials, films, fames, cartoons, and more. Set the tempo and timing of key shots to interpret the director's vision under tight deadlines.
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