Interior Architecture & Design Facilities

The Academy’s facilities are designed to prepare you for a career in interior architecture and design. Our hands-on learning environment creates a culture that supports curiosity, investigation, and production.

Online students are also hands-on, as they engage in discussions and activities through the online platform, social media, and real-time streaming of our events. Both online and onsite studio environments are equipped to give you the skills you need to create the ideal interior architecture and design career.

Interior Architecture & Design Facilities

San Francisco Design Center

Because we are based in San Francisco, we have a direct line to the best firms in the industry. The City by the Bay is home to an incredible wealth of visionary designers-a true hub for creativity. Our location gives you immediate access to the San Francisco Design Center, one of the finest and most accessible design showrooms in the country.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs offers the latest digital workstations, software, and new media technology to support our programs.

Materials Library

You will have access to the latest material samples, furniture information, and catalogs-supplied by local architects, designers, and showrooms-in this on-campus facility.

Metal Shop

The metal shop expands students opportunities to realize their projects and explore the potentials of different material expression and technique. Students can learn a variety of metal fabrication processes. Craft precision metal parts in our full featured metal shop. Machine lathes, milling machines, disc grinders, rollers,and formers are all at your disposal.

Wood Shop

Fabricate objects and jigs in both natural and artificial wood in our wood shop. Work with band saws, drill presses, jointer, planer, miter saws, panel saw, wood shapers, and table routers. Two wood lathes and two isolated sanding rooms with spindle and disc sanders and one more lathe for working foam plastics give you the control to polish your designs. The wood shop also features four SawStop table saws as part of our ongoing commitment to safety.

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