Carmen Liu | Origami Rings

Academy of Art University offers some of the best training and hands-on experience to help you pursue jewelry careers. We pride ourselves in doing an exceptional job preparing you to excel in your future jewelry careers. Our degree programs are designed to equip aspiring professionals with a comprehensive toolbox of marketable skills that lead to success in the industry.

Carmen Liu | Origami Rings
CAD Jewelry Designer
Create jewelry designs using software for 3D modeling and printing. Realize designs using printed wax and plastic models, CNC machines, milling, and laser cutting for use with modern jewelry production techniques. Work side by side with production teams to ensure manufacturing consistency in this dynamic career path.
Casting Specialist
Work with a variety of clients during the design, prototype, and final production stages. Utilize your expertise to provide solutions for intricate designs and challenging concepts. Stay updated on the newest metal alloys and technologies to ensure the best possible metal castings.
Gallery/Museum Curator
Apply your knowledge of the jewelry profession to curate exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions in a gallery or boutique-style space. Inspire and educate the general public about the jewelry and artwork you represent. Introduce collectors and connoisseurs to new and emerging artists from around the world.
Jewelry & Metal Arts Instructor
Teach students to apply traditional hand techniques and modern technology in the production of jewelry and metal arts while encouraging creativity and self-expression. Instruct the next generation of artists and designers in the latest fabrication methods, materials, and aesthetics used by leading jewelers and metalsmiths. Provide a historical context for the student's artistic exploration and practice.
Studio Jeweler/Gallery Artist
Focus on developing a conceptual and technically sound body of work for collectors and exhibition within a museum or gallery setting. Explore historical, political, or personal narratives while creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition works in your studio. Engage in a dialog with viewers and collectors about the many techniques incorporated into your pieces and the underlying themes represented.
Technical Designer
As a technical jewelry designer, you are a part of the design team creating drawings and digital files for use in production. Plan, iterate, and create maquettes for rapid prototyping in this exciting career path.
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